Our Workshop Approach

Staging Journeys’ overarching goal in youth workshops is to cultivate the joy, creativity, and curiosity in learning that we humans naturally have!

We trust the innate drive that kids have to explore ideas and the world around them. We value the out-of-the-box thinking and playfulness that young people bring to the table.

Rather than approach teaching as a process of control over what is learned and how it is learned, we approach teaching by offering shared curiosity, tools for collaboration, and background knowledge.

We’re not afraid to be Artsy and Schooly and Goofy all at once. When woven together with care, meaningful stuff happens.

Online workshops are designed to be multidisciplinary, artistic, community-building, and justice-minded. Small groups meet weekly on Zoom. Projects are created. Tutoring add-ons and sliding scale tuition is offered.

Current online offerings:

  • The Joy of Puppetry
  • Snail Mail Magic
  • Script Study Club
  • Vocal Study Club
  • Art Community
  • Environmental Justice
  • Envisioning An Equitable Future
  • Ukelele Song Salon

Whether we’re online, in a classroom, on a stage, exploring city streets, on top of an ancient pyramid, or anywhere else in the world, let’s keep sharing that thirst for learning in community.

Coming Soon:

Staging Journeys