Our Travel Approach

Staging Journeys’ overarching goal in travel is to lead deep-learning, cultural experiences with parents and their children.  

Chapultepec Lake, Botanical Gardens, Mexico City Tour

It’s worldschooling.

For us, worldschooling means to learn through and about the world as the driving force of our curiosity. Worldschooling is a lens through which to view learning; it is reaching for a better understanding of people and places beyond us.  

We view worldschooling in these four areas of learning that stretch us educationally, personally, and as global citizens. Through workshops and projects, we begin learning together long before the trip.

1. Cultural Awareness and Worldview – We continually discuss this! Understanding our cultural values and how they shape the way we see the world, acknowledging that differences exist between cultures – but not assigning values to the differences, seeking opportunities for meaningful interactions with local people.

2. Knowledge – This is all that juicy-schooly-stuff: social studies, science, writing, and reading. The knowledge is gained in lots of ways, through silent observations, museums, tours, projects, discussions, and our trip books.

3. Life Lessons – This is all that juicy-experiential-stuff: waiting in lines, playing with kids who don’t speak English, trying new foods, sleeping in new places, figuring out the bus system, stretching out of our comfort zones, and so much more.

4. Language Practice – We practice using the local language, and we practice using the universal languages of play, music, trust, and expressions.

Our trips are for families who…

…seek educational, group adventures…would rather someone else do the research and planning…would enjoy the supportive and social benefits of group travel…are looking for both structured and unstructured travel experiences…are prepared to step out of their cultural norms with an open, curious mind…are looking for more than just a trip.

You can attend our trips as a solo-parent. You can bring all the family members or just bring a few. You can take kids out of school to travel. We have done it all and we are here to support your options and decisions. Just get in touch.

How do our trips work?

  • We choose a destination.  
  • We create a TRAVEL COMMUNITY of families.  
  • We PLAN, GUIDE AND TEACH before and during travel.  
  • We charge an age-based per/person fee that includes educational components, personal support, accommodations, all itinerary activities, some meals and more.
  • You pay separately for your flights and some meals.
Teotihuacan Pyramids, Mexico City Tour

The Staging Journeys Fee Includes:


We create a group of families seeking a worldschooling adventure.  

We provide travel preparation information and individual family support.  

We bond before and after the trip through in-person or zoom workshops. Relationships are built!


We do LOTS of planning. Our fee covers the research for and cost of:

Lodging, Itinerary Activities and Sites, Tour Guides, Ground Transportation, Ticket Bookings, Some Meals, and More.

We share tips re: using frequent flier miles to book flights.


We organize the group as we tour, leading the way and keeping the energy flowing.  

We hire local guides who are experts in their field and passionate about sharing their knowledge.

We provide time for you to guide yourselves armed with our suggestions, stretching your worldschooling wings.


Pre-trip workshops include family presentations, art projects, games, language practice, and discussions.

We provide interactive, custom trip-books for each child.

We curate a list of books and media you can use at home for learning.

We organize flexible group projects.   

We run several “SJ Circles” on the trip, during which adults explore on their own while we lead activities with the kids.

The Staging Journeys Fee does not include airfare, most lunches and dinners, and non-itinerary sites.

Trip Books, Mexico City Tour

About Us and Our Tours

Staging Journeys trips are created by us, Melissa Church and Linnea deRoche. We each have 3 kids who are home-worldschooled, Master’s degrees in Education, and over 20 years of experience in teaching and traveling.

Our trips are not luxury tours. We choose family-friendly, mid-ranged, locally-run accommodations often with breakfast included.

We balance our itineraries between the must-see tourist destinations and the smaller, local-life experiences. We hire local tour guides who work independently and have a background in working with children.

We do not hire 3rd party tour companies to plan our trips. Every decision is made by us towards providing meaningful, educational travel experiences. The effort to personalize and support each family’s worldschooling journey goes beyond the service most travel companies can provide.

Melissa or Linnea accompany all trips. Additional tour leaders are carefully vetted based on direct, personal worldschooling experience.

Worldschooling in Mexico City, an example of our trip model.

Read about current opportunities or register for a Zoom Session Here.

Will it be challenging? Can I really do this?

We’re happy to help you decide if a trip is right for you, so please ask! International travel is not without its challenging moments, and it is sure to build flexibility, inspire understandings, and create incredible memories.

Ethics Statement

We aim to not consume cultures.  We try to curb our ingrained sense of entitlement as Westerners.  We try not to have an expectation that foreign people and places are there to entertain or provide us with our learning.  We try to be aware of our impact in the countries we visit, and to be aware of our privilege in all of its forms. This is an ongoing learning process.

New friends, Rancho Viejo, Mexico

Inclusivity Statement

We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of our groups and our communities. We recognize our differences in race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, and family structure as well as religious beliefs. We are committed to honoring this rich tapestry by creating a positive and inclusive environment within our groups.  We strive to offer travel, learning, and theater opportunities that amplify and highlight the voices and experiences of groups who have traditionally been marginalized.

Noticing each other, Valladolid, Mexico
Staging Journeys