Our Partnerships

Valuable programming growth requires strong connections and a great team. We are grateful for the communities near and far that we are building relationships with, and we proudly support our partnering organizations.

Our school year theater Projects rehearse and perform at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. PSCA is the only comprehensive circus school in the Philadelphia region offering a robust children’s program, professional training, performances and community events. We feel right at home in their large, versatile space, and are so glad for their continued support in our work.

For information about the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts opportunities visit their website!

For cultural immersion trips to Guanajuato, Mexico, we partner with the Escuela Falcon language school. Escuela Falcon is a small, family-friendly, locally run school for English and Spanish learning. Offering a variety of immersion-style classes for youth and adults from cooking to dance, grammar to listening comprehension, and more, the school also organizes homestay experiences.

For information about Escuela Falcon visit their website!

Staging Journeys