In our fall series of creative/instructional online workshops, small groups will explore performing and creative arts, language arts, math and social studies.

Workshops are designed with the belief that when kids are creating, curious, and collaborating, learning is joyful!

More About Our Workshop Approach

Theater Scenes & Play
Podcast Creation 11:00-12:30
Theater Monologues
Math Exploration
Mexico-US Relations
One 12-week session (EST).
September 13 – December 10 with a week off November 22-26.
Any make-up classes will be held the week of December 13-17

* Tuition can be paid all at once. If needed you can also pay half up front with the second half due October 15th.

* Homeschoolers! We do Pennsylvania end-of-year evaluations! Contact us to learn more about how some of our workshops can be applied towards credit on middle/high school transcripts.

Math Exploration: MATH REBELLION!

Ages 10-14 Thursdays 1:15-2:20 with Lhianna Bodiford. Tuition $200/12 week session ($150-$250 sliding scale)

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Let’s get to the heart of problem solving by NOT following the rules!

Let’s break free, starting a new generation of creative mathematical thinkers!

I’m dreaming of a math class where we’ll journal and play games to wrap our heads around problems together. 

Wait.  Journal? In math class? ….Yes! I call it free-flow mathing. Give in to your creative side… Let go and feel the math. See where it takes you….

We will play games! Games become math as we explore the strategies… can we predict the outcome?…

We will investigate unusual problems… discover new problem solving techniques and strengthen old ones… use the scientific method on curious mathematical phenomenon…

This is a class of “Why?” …”How?”…. “Hmmmmm?”…. and “Why not?”

There are only TWO RULES in math

“You are allowed to write anything that is true.

You are not allowed to write anything that is untrue.”

               — Denise Gaskins

Join the Math Rebellion! 

Skills/Concepts: math, history, philosophy, communication, problem-solving

Goals for the students are to get used to open ended problems, learn how to ask useful questions that will yield results, get comfortable with thinking on their own in math rather than being lead by the hand or given close instruction.

Theater: Scene and Play Acting

Ages 7-11, Tuesdays 11:00-12:00, with Linnea deRoche, Tuition $200/12-week session ($150-250 sliding scale)

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We will start with 6 weeks of improvisational play-acting and shared poems followed by 6 weeks of outer-spaced theme exploration of acting from a script with intergalactic travel, puppets and plenty of imagination. This is open to beginner and intermediate reading levels. 

Let’s explore acting together. We will have a lot of chances for making scenes, pretending, laughing and having fun with friends while also stretching our reading and theatrical skills.

Project: End of semester showcase to share what we have created!

Skills/Concepts: performance skills, reading aloud, expression, and thinking on our feet

Theater: Monologues (Read/Perform/Write) 

Ages 9-14, Tuesdays 1:00-2:00 with Linnea deRoche. Tuition $200/12 week session ($150-$250 sliding scale)

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Let’s learn how to “make a character your own” through monologues. We will explore characters through their own words and learn how to read and perform powerful monologues. What makes a character interesting and dynamic? How can you deliver a powerful monologue that is memorable?

After we have worked through published monologues we will try our hand at writing and delivering original monologues. You will have the chance to write and perform your own monologue or write a monologue and then see how someone else performs your words.

Project: Monologue performances from published and original sources

Skills/Concepts: performance skills, creative writing, expression, and character development

Podcast Creation

Ages 9-16 with Phil Blank, Fridays 11:00-12:30. Tuition $200/12 week session ($150-$250 sliding scale) + $25 materials fee

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Let’s dive in and make a podcast! In this class, we’ll investigate (1) the mechanics of audio editing as well as (2) the techniques and art of audio storytelling. Students will get experience with a variety of narrative forms, including fiction, nonfiction and conversation. We’ll be using Soundtrap software which is excellent for remote collaborative work.

Materials Fee: the $25 per student materials fee will go to the licensing of Soundtrap software for the class.

Project: original podcast

Concepts/Skills: audio editing, story telling, creative writing, expression

Social Studies: Mexico-US Relations

Ages 12+ Thursday 6:30-7:30 pm with Daniel Farmer.  Tuition $225/12-week session ($175-$275 sliding scale)

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The relationship between Mexico (and subsequently all of Latin America) and the United States is full of complexity, tragedy, and beauty. The distinctions between the US and Mexico, the shared history, and the blending of cultures create a unique relationship. Daniel will guide a basic, historical understanding beginning with the colonization of the Americas up to modern-day realities between these two countries. 

Through discussions and readings, the group will explore history, social justice, political science, and more as they piece together the US-Mexico relationship, learn about important historical figures, and recognize the work that must be done to reach equity, justice, and fairness at our border!

Skills/Concepts: critical thinking, basic research skills, presentation skills, greater understanding of American and Mexican history


Staging Journeys co-creators Melissa Church and Linnea deRoche are joined with fellow teachers who are experienced in the arts, in education, and in subject-related fields. We are practiced in shaping content around the interests and abilities of students, and in building community among young people.

Our workshops are not adult-presentation-driven; they are creative and collaborative. Teachers design and lead workshops with an effort to center anti-racism and inclusivity in age-appropriate ways.

Melissa Church (she/her) has an M. Ed., certifications in Elementary, Special Ed., and as a Reading Specialist, and over 20 years of teaching experience. She is a children’s theater director, worldschool/homeschool parent, and international family travel leader. Read more…

Linnea deRoche (they/them) has a B.A. in Communication and an M. Ed. with a focus on anti-racism and playful self-inquiry, they teach in classrooms, direct theater and also facilitate workshops for LGBTQIA+ youth, English Language Learners, unschoolers, and other radical groups of all ages. Read more…

Daniel Farmer (he/him) has a B.A. in Environmental Studies. He is creator of The Alley, an allyship community and anti-racist consulting company. He is an environmental educator, Spanish tutor, and world traveler currently living in Taiwan. Daniel recently served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mexico. He is excited about any opportunity to engage with youth and adults alike about their place in the world.

Phil Blank (he/him) is a practicing illustrator, artist and former librarian working in watercolor, ink and oil paint. He loves to tell historical stories with images and words. The heart of his work is his sketchbook practice, which has formed the basis of workshops that he has offered to adults and children alike. In his spare time, he is a homeschooling dad and an obsessive guitarist and accordion player. See more

Lhianna Bodiford (she/her) is the mother of three with a degree in Civil Engineering and extensive training in Math Circle Facilitation. More importantly, she truly loves math. After taking a break from math to study physics, then to study engineering and later flamenco dancing, and later to start a family, Lhianna realized that she missed playing with math. In recent years, she has run Math Circles, Math Fun Days, Math Salons, and Math Exploration Classes for homeschoolers. Lhianna is the Math Guide at Quadrat Academy, an alternative Middle and High School in Philadelphia.


Sliding scale is a tool that allows workshops to be offered at multiple price points based on individual family circumstances and the importance of equity. Additional scholarships are also available. We aim to never turn a young person away due to finances.

  • The amount listed as the tuition price allows us to run the workshop affordably with 5-10 students.
  • If you need to pay a lower amount on the scale to participate, feel free to do so.
  • If you are able to pay a higher amount on the scale, doing so allows us to cover additional programming expenses.

Tuition is paid directly to individual teachers via PayPal or Venmo through the online registration forms linked above.

Tuition can be paid all at once. If needed you can also pay half up front with the second half due October 15th.


  • Most workshops have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 students.
  • Register separately for each workshop.
  • Register separately for each young person.

The SJ program has been an empowering and exciting theater and community experience for my daughter.  Linnea and Melissa really “get kids,” and create a warm, welcoming and wildly creative space for young people to grow themselves in positive and powerful ways.  SJ stands out as a place that nurtures so much more than a singular skill.  You can expect your child to engage in deep thinking, to learn to appreciate multiple perspectives and to be challenged to create something uniquely in their own voice. – Parent Rachel Schwartzman