Click here to view our first ever virtual show that debuted on June 26, 2020

Show Donations: In lieu of tickets, we are collecting pay-what-you-can donations here. ALL proceeds will be given to Philly Children’s Movement and Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia.  

Sneak Preview of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, created June 2020

About Staging Journeys and this Project

We’re a grass-roots children’s theater company based in Philadelphia. We started 2020 with an exciting musical theater project, making devised scenes and learning songs to go with the theme “home.Little did we know that our semester would take such a dramatic turn, that “home” would come to have an entirely new meaning. Our cast, ages 8-15, and their families are recording the vocals for a bunch of songs about “home and belonging.” We are creating poems, sharing ideas and experiencing the theme of HOME together, even while we are apart.