We began our TIME-themed theater project by posing some essential questions.

What is important about the past?

How does it feel to live in the moment?

What do you think about growing up?

We explored those questions through drama, poetry, music and dance at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts with our energetic and creative cast of young people.

We rehearsed lots of songs, collaborated to write the scenes, played acting games, and practiced guided meditation.

As in all of our projects, the path is not a direct one; the show reveals itself as the theme unravels and develops. Sure enough, everything came together in the knick of time.

We focus on finding joy in the theater-making process and trusting each other.

  • original  – We made it up together!
  • thematic  – A reflection on time-passage and mindfulness
  •  jukebox – We borrowed songs from rock, pop, folk, and Broadway
  • musical – We danced, sang, learned harmonies, and had a live band
  • kid-written scenes – Created by the cast through a workshop process  

THIS is the Staging Journeys model for making musicals. It’s a meaningful, magical, messy kind-a-thing. It’s an adventure in theater-making. 

The Story

Focused Father Time, Mellow Mother Earth, Punctual Pocket Watch, Jittery White Rabbit, and all the wise young “Moments” took us on a time-traveling adventure to the past and to the future before landing us all thoughtfully in the present, where we belong.

The Songs

Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Show, Mother Earth and Father Time from Charlotte’s Web, Sunrise Sunset from Fiddler On the Roof, Time After Time by Cindy Lauper, Let It Go from Frozen, Yesterday/Tomorrow medley from The Beatles/Annie, When I Grow Up from Matilda, I Won’t Grow Up from Peter Pan, Circle Game by Joni Mitchell, Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston, Living in the Moment by Jason Mraz, Seize The Day from Newsies, Seasons of Love/No Day But Today from Rent

The Dances

Rock Around the Clock Bill Haley, Mr. Roboto Styx, Breathe Me Sia

We had 41 young people in “We, The Moments” ranging in age from 7-17 who rehearsed for 14 weeks.

30 had speaking lines and 14 helped write the script.

20 sang solos and danced.

5 played musical instruments.

9 designed the sets and props

When the voices of 200 loved ones in the audience joined us in singing Rent’s “No Day But Today!”, we were truly living in the moment.

Thanks to Tom Church for leading our teen band, to Ry deRoche for sets and lights, to Steve Long for sound, to Meryl Hyatt and Matt Borchelt for photos! Thanks also to our assistant Neva Guido, and our teen interns Joanie, Maddie and Zahra.

We, the directors, are grateful to our families and to all of YOU. We can’t wait for our next project together!

-Melissa and Linnea