Circus Performer in Guanajuato, Cervantino Festival

We enjoyed the benefits of family group travel in Guanajuato and Mexico City for a two-week learning adventure with a wonderful crew of worldschoolers.

We covered the sights, asked many questions, and had valuable moments of curiosity and problem-solving. We embraced the opportunity to be guests in Central Mexico as a small, supportive travel community.

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This travel crew enjoyed…

Making and Studying Art

Colors, Stories, Views, Pyramid Climbing

Delicious Food Food Food

Day of the Dead!

Games, Sketching, Spanish, Music, Silliness

We were reminded of the social, logistic, supportive, and educational benefits of group travel. Basically, it’s just more fun to learn and explore with friends in community!

Our next travel community will explore Peru in March 2020. Come along for the adventure.

Read on for an in-depth look at how we worldschool in Mexico. The learning is varied, valuable and individualized.