Peru trip registration here.

BIG news in my (Melissa’s) travel world. A little background first: My oldest daughter started high school this year after homeschooling/worldschooling for four years. How I loved traveling with this kid during those years! She soaks it in, she laps it up, she tries it all, she’s my trusty travel assistant and a helpful older sib – awesome traveler. I’d go anywhere with her.

She has even done some solo traveling for an exchange program to France. As the oldest of three, she leads the way.

This year, however, her chosen adventure is going to school. She wants things that travel and homeschooling didn’t provide. More power to her. I miss her, but I’m dealing with it.

She didn’t come with us to Mexico in the fall, and I figured she wouldn’t come to Peru this spring…BUT, I caaaasually invited her to come and offered to inquire with the school. She really wants to experience Peru, but she was very hesitant to miss school. She works hard and doesn’t want to risk what she’s accomplished so far this year.

However! with the support of teachers and administrators (THANK YOU, PUBLIC SCHOOL), she is coming to Peru!!! I am so happy she’s going to have this experience and I’m selfishly thrilled to share it with her. Of course, she’s going to do plenty of learning on this trip, and she can take a short break from that learning being evaluated by someone else.

My takeaways: Yes, attending school and worldschooling are both possible. Flexibility and possibility are always worth pursuing, even in typically rigid environments. There are rules, and then there is life.

All three of my young travelers will be by my side in Peru!