Creating Community through Travel, Learning and Theater.

Let’s break that down:


Expanding horizons, deepening understanding, and taking risks together

Cultivating common ground and shared visions

We organize groups to create, learn and explore.


Approaching education through a worldschooling lens

Discovering the sameness of folks everywhere, and reflecting on our worldviews

Reaching for greater flexibility and new knowledge

We lead worldschooling adventures for families. More…


Allowing a sense of curiosity and adventure to lead the way

Modeling structure to scaffold but not to stifle

Thinking big, allowing field experiences and projects to inspire

We facilitate youth workshops using an alternative education approach. More…


Empowering young voices through the theater-making process  

Highlighting stories and messages in an artistic form  

Prioritizing the joy of performance

We direct original youth theater projects. More…

Do Travel, Workshops, and Theater go together?  

Sure, why not. It’s stuff we love. Join us.

Linnea and Melissa